PVP-Iodine USP (9-12%)

Our PVP-Iodine USP grade is available in three options, including ‘C’, ‘R’ & ‘S1’. Each of these meet all of the specifications in the current USP monograph for Povidone-Iodine (see Specifications under the Comparisons tab). The differences lie in aspects such as stability of a finished product, as well as the price-point of the particular option.

For customers making finished products such as swabs, prep pads, scrub brushes, containing applicators, these applicators may absorb some of the available Iodine content in the solution, thus degrading the available Iodine faster than products without such applicators. For this we recommend our PVP-I USP ‘C’ powder, as it holds up well under these conditions.
Other areas where ‘C’ lots are practical include finished products that may be placed in pharmaceutical kits where extended shelf-life is essential, or those finished products that may undergo a sterilization process.

Marcus’s PVP-I USP R powder offers the advantage of a reliable inventory available for just-in-time shipment. PVP-I USP R powder provides a quality alternative to the C material when formulating PVP-I solutions that are A) packaged in bottles rather than in unit-dose packages or with applicators, B) are not subject to extra stresses such as a sterilization process, and C) may be for consumption in a shorter time period.

Marcus’s S1 PVP-I powders offer the formulator an even greater cost savings than PVP-I USP R powders. As with the R grade, PVP-I USP S1 is useful in applications where shelf-life may be shorter, where applicators are not present, and where finished products are packaged in bottles rather than unit-dose configurations. PVP-Iodine S1 powders are made to order. Please allow sufficient time for production. Contact us for current lead-times for S1 powders.

PVP-I USP (9-12% I2)
- PVP-I USP "S1"
- Spec Sheet
PVP-I High Available
(14.5-18.5% I2)
- PVP-I High Available "R"
- Spec Sheet
PVP-I Dubldone (18-24% I2)
- PVP-I Dubldone "S1"
- Spec Sheet
- Aquafarming