PVP-Iodine Dubldone (18-24%)

It didn’t take long to learn that an even higher concentration of PVP-Iodine would serve the veterinary industry as an alternative to High Available. So we invented PVP-Iodine Dubldone. Over time, Dubldone found niches in new applications, including in teat dips, foot baths, in ponds used to raise certain aquatic species, and in the reservoirs used to feed those ponds. In aqua farming the antimicrobial power of PVP-Iodine is beneficial in that benign organisms present in the water – some by design – are not harmed by its presence in the water. We recommend Dubldone for aqua farming applications.

Currently PVP-Iodine Dubldone is primarily made available as an ‘S1’ lot. It may also be made as a ‘C’ or an ‘R’ lot with some restrictions and exceptions. Please contact us for details.

Marcus’ non-USP grades of Povidone-Iodine offer cost effective alternatives to industries and producers of non-pharmaceutical Povidone-Iodine applications.

Our two non-USP grades of PVP-Iodine – High Available & Dubldone – provide on average 50% and 100% more available Iodine content, respectively, than our USP grade of PVP-Iodine. These products offer the formulator a significant savings in raw material costs when producing a non-pharmaceutical finished product. They are not intended for human application.

PVP-I USP (9-12% I2)
- PVP-I USP "S1"
- Spec Sheet
PVP-I High Available
(14.5-18.5% I2)
- PVP-I High Available "R"
- Spec Sheet
PVP-I Dubldone (18-24% I2)
- PVP-I Dubldone "S1"
- Spec Sheet
- Aquafarming