Povidone-Iodine is a non-toxic, non-staining antimicrobial, most commonly known in its applications as a topical antiseptic in hostipals (surgical scrub and surgical preparation), or as an over-the-counter product available in pharmacies.
In more recent years PVP-Iodine has become an important product for the aqua farming industry, and is used extensively as a disinfectant in hatcheries, and in shrimp farms in Southeast Asia, the USA, South America and elsewhere.

In hatcheries, PVP-Iodine is used for the disinfection of eggs, with no withdrawal required, at a rate of 50 mg/L(50 ppm) for 30 minutes during hardening, and 100 mg/L (100 ppm) for 10 minutes after water hardening.

As aquafarming production increases worldwide, the need to protect ponds and reservoirs from contamination has also become increasingly crucial to the fish/shrimp farmer, whose investment may be wiped out by germs and bacteria. PVP-Iodine is used extensively by aquafarmers to reduce fish and fish-egg mortality because of its ability to rapidly kill harmful bacteria in ponds.

For over a decade Marcus Research has serviced the aquafarming industry, in conjunction with the manufacturers and suppliers who directly serve the industry. We recommend PVP-Iodine Dubldone for use in aqua-farming applications.

PVP-I USP (9-12% I2)
- PVP-I USP "S1"
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PVP-I High Available
(14.5-18.5% I2)
- PVP-I High Available "R"
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PVP-I Dubldone (18-24% I2)
- PVP-I Dubldone "S1"
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